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xToken Terminal

Capital Markets Platform

xToken Terminal gives projects seamless access to fundamental DeFi primitives. Our flexible contract architecture and intuitive interface enables projects to be their own CFOs and investment bankers.

Terminal xToken

One-stop shop for liquidity provisioning and capital management solutions


Configure and deploy an incentivized liquidity program with a concentrated price range and other custom parameters for any token pair.

Coming Soon


Launch a token offering with dynamic pricing, custom duration and vesting parameters and reserve conditions.

Liquidity Auction

Attract long term, efficient liquidity in our novel hybrid of liquidity mining and bonding.

Native Collateralization

Borrow any asset against your native token, with no need for price oracles of any kind.

The Terminal difference

End-to-end experience

Manage the entire lifecycle of each solution within the app. For example, with Terminal Mining, projects won't need to visit the Uniswap front-end or manage LP tokens.

Breadth of solutions

With four apps in development, we'll soon have a holistic liquidity provisioning and capital management offering to navigate these complex primitives.

Flexible architecture

Terminal offers permissionless and configurable custom contracts. With Terminal Mining, you can configure liquidity to be deployed in any way you'd like.

Intuitive UI

We understand the importance of user experience and have built a custom front-end to navigate complex primitives in just a few clicks.


Simple and seamless liquidity provisioning

The problem

Uniswap V3 brings rich features to liquidity provisioning, such as concentrated liquidity, but is notoriously difficult to use - even for experienced DeFi users. Currently, pool sponsors typically need to interact with a complex contract or write an offchain script to distribute rewards.

The solution

With Terminal Mining, Token has built an integrated, configurable architecture that allows partners to seamlessly and permissionlessly configure V3 liquidity mining programs. Pool sponsors set price range, rewards token(s), optional vesting periods and more in a few easy clicks.

Why should I move to Uniswap V3?

With Concentrated Liquidity, Uniswap has upgraded its protocol to offer better capital efficiency for liquidity providers, improved execution for traders, and a robust DeFi infrastructure. We believe that liquidity will continue to migrate from V2 (and elsewhere) and that V3 will cement itself as the gold standard DEX.

Configure and deploy incentivized staking rewards pool in a few easy steps

  1. Configure liquidity

    Choose your liquidity pool and set your program's price range. Deploy a new Uniswap V3 pool if necessary.

    Configure liquidity
  2. Set rewards structure

    Choose the rewards token(s) you want to pay out to LPs. Decide whether rewards should be vested.

    Set rewards structure
  3. Initialize rewards

    Deploy a rewards program with custom amounts and duration.

    Initialize rewards

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